How to attract a MINIMUM
of 50 to 100 buyers and investors
this weekend through
Round Robin Bidding


In case youíve lived under a rock for the past 3 years, the buyerís are controlling the market right now. The only thing worse than a buyer that controls the real estate market is a buyer that KNOWS he controls the real estate market! Yes itís true, they are the ones that are calling all the shots nowadays. They are looking for good deals and the only way to attract them is to demonstrate that you hold the best deals in the city. The same rules apply for investors. If you donít have a HUGE pool of investors & buyers right now, itís simply because you havenít shown them any barn burner deals to prove that youíve got the goods.

The key for you is to get these people slobbering at the mouth and begging you to call them with the best deals in town. The best way to do that is to show them a deal so great that they would skip church on Sunday, just to get a good look at this amazing opportunity that they may be lucky enough to get.

Enter ROUND ROBIN BIDDING, Where you will attract a minimum of 50 to 100 buyers in only a 24 hour period. Some will be good buyers and some will be great buyers. Investors as well as aggressive buyers will be coming out of the woodwork and begging to not only buy the round robin home, but virtually anything else you have to offer at a discount.

You are certainly familiar with an ďauctionĒ as it pertains to real estate and Iím sure you have been to one live and in person. How many people were there? They showed up, above all other things they could have been doing that day, simply because they anticipated a great deal. As you know, that auctioneer can only sell the home to one bidder, but builds an EXTREMELY strong buyers list for future leverage, meaning at next weekís event, he has twice the people in attendance.

The reality is that the Round Robin process does the same thing, many times even BETTER than a traditional auction. And the best part is you don't have to have an auctioneer!

This is a benefit for the Realtor, as well as the homeowner. Now this one fact alone brings us to another point. When you know how to present this to sellers, they will beg to list their home with you. Your answer to them will be these exact words:

ďYes, I will consider accepting the property for a quick sale and I can get over 50 buyers into your home next weekend but I do charge a $995.00 marketing fee paid in advance which is non-refundable regardless if the home sells or not. If for some crazy reason it doesnít sell, I will credit the $995 off of the normal commission if and when it sells but we canít offer this to you unless you invest $995 for this tonight, and oh, we can put that on a credit card if itís easier for you as well.Ē

How many listings do you have right now that you should present this Round Robin Option to? I would be willing to bet that with the scripts and dialogs I can show you, virtually half of your listings will agree to this and write you a check this week for $995.00 each!

How many expireds in your area would list with you and pay you $995.00 to get 50 buyers through their home next weekend? On these guys, just tell them that they can stay in the home and count the buyers as they come in. If you donít get at least 50 buyers, they can have their money back! That tells them that their fee for this is only $20 per buyer. SECRET: You will NEVER have to pay them back! 50 buyers is LOW for a round robin! Meanwhile, you only sell the home to one person and you can pick up all of the buyers and investors for additional sales!

On our webinar training, we covered everything from start to finish on how you can do this in your own town NEXT WEEKEND! There is a good bit of easy preparation that goes into your first one but it is a cake walk when you use everything I have laid out for you. Look at what we covered on these calls:

Setting up a free one page website Ė This will make it really easy to market your round robin property and it starts the process of capturing the buyers and investors who go to the site. This is easy and takes just a few minutes. It's dummy proof!

Posting ads on craigslist - Creates massive numbers of buyers Ė I personally post a simple ad on craigslist 3 times a day for 7 days and get TONS of buyers and investors. This is a total of 40 minutes for the week! Total cost to me= ZILCH

Terms of sale, rules and minor disclosures Ė This will show all of the rules and regulations to the buyers and investors. This protects you and the seller. Very easy but necessary. I gave you this on a silver platter!

Massive lead generation Ė We will cover all of the marketing techniques we use and how to ensure you arenít spending any money to get your first Round Robin up and running.

How to build a GIGANTIC buyers list from round robin biddings Ė Youíve certainly heard that ďthe money is in the listĒ and it is true. The stronger your investor and buyer list is, the more money you are going to make this month.

The Bandit Signs Ė Many of the investors we pick up come from the bandit signs. We use bandit signs and directional signs to promote this huge event. Certain days and times are important!

Humongous Signs for major intersections Ė These babies are monsters but you will see that this one feature alone will get you over 30 buyers and investors to show up!

Sign in sheets & property details, rules sheetĖ To get their information right when they walk in and show them how the process works! They are non-threatening and very informative.

Bidding Forms Ė These are the forms that are placed on the counter in the kitchen to get at least 60% of the attendees to place a bid. We will be providing the forms and bidding rules.

Investor information sheets Ė These awesome letters will get the investors to sign up for your next seminar or tele-seminar right there on the spot! We will cover the best ways to promote these to the attendees as soon as they walk in the door.

Negotiation Tactics to sell the home at top dollar Ė Do not mess this up! You goal is to get really low offers at the open house. Thatís the only way to sell for top dollar. I will show you what to say, how to negotiate and how to get the numbers up!

Round Robin Agent Checklist Ė The checklist we utilize will ensure that you donít forget anything when preparing for, marketing and completing your round robins. With a simple checklist, it is much easier to get your first bidding process completed and keep track of the dozens and dozens of prospects you pick up.

Email follow up campaigns Ė If you get 60 buyers next weekend and only ONE can buy the home, this means you have 59 buyers/investors that you need to follow up with! Our automated pre-formed emails do all the work for you! You can copy these in your own business!

Conversion Of Buyers/Investors Ė Once you get in touch with these people, you will need to convert them to clients. This is a very easy step-by-step approach.

Contract & disclosures for sellers to pay you in advance Ė Yes itís true, you should get $995.00 from each and every seller that wants you to do a Round Robin Bidding on their home. This will include not only your current listings, but future listings as well. It is also paid on the very day you meet them, then they pay your normal commission at closing! I will give you the contract and addendum so that you can have everything disclosed in writing.

Accepting credit cards Ė If you want to charge sellers to do the round robin, itís beneficial to accept credit cards for the $995.00 fee. This is easily set up in under 10 minutes and you donít need a separate company to offer it! I will give you all the details on the webinar! If you have 10 minutes, you can start charging $995!

OKAY GREG! This sounds flippin phenomenal! But how much is all this going to cost me?

I know, I know, all we worry about as Realtors is cost, in lieu of value to your business. Would you agree that you could get 4 sellers to do this with you this month? Thatís $4,000 in income even if you never sold a house! Oh by the way, you would pick up a couple hundred contacts in the meantime. If you arenít worth your salt in this business, you should still get 3 out of the 200 people to buy a home immediately. That is an extra 6 or 7 closings in a month if you do what I tell you to do. How much money is that to you?

I will lay this thing out for you

 step-by-step with instructions

 so easy a caveman could do it.

The forms, ads, sign design and everything you need will be emailed to you for your own customization and immediate use. We will cover everything from start to finish on the webinar and I will give you 30 days of free email consulting to get your first one off without a hitch so that you have more buyers and investors than you could possibly meet with! And the total investment? A measly $497.

Ł  No Iím not crazy

Ł  No I havenít lost my mind

I am simply offering this because I want at least 50 solid testimonials within the next few months. Why you may ask? Because the next LIVE webinar, open to the public will be at a fee of $1295.00 and it is easier to justify that price when I have dozens and dozens of agents using it with huge success.

However, I would like to ask a favor of you. I am willing to let you secure this webinar and all the training and forms at a discount, teach you everything and even give you support over the next 30 days under one condition. I would like to get copies of your commission checks, up front seller fee checks, as well as a written testimonial after I put this money in your pocket. I say this because I want to make YOU successful so that I can use it in future marketing to make you internationally famous! I hope you donít mind me offering this to you at a huge discount of $497 just so that I can stuff a bunch of money in your bank account to use you as my poster child!

Click the "Add to Cart" button and join up with us, you will receive your login and password to all of the training & forms within 10 minutes so you can get started right now!


Look at what agents are saying about the Round Robin Program offered by
reg Luther.


Iíve done 2 Round Robins already.  The first one I had on Nov 1-2 had  40 parties through.  Sold the house to a Realtor for herself and had 4 buyer appointments.  The house closes on Nov. 17th.  Thatís a 15 day pay off!

The second one was on Nov 8-9.  Higher end upscale home.  Almost 200 parties through! There would have been even more, but some angry agent went out Sunday about halfway through the open house and stole almost 30 signs, so traffic dropped significantly in the last 2 hours.  We had 15 buyer appointments set up so far.     

Last week we definitely had the town of Coppell, TX buzzing.  I only posted to Craigslist maybe 5 times and didnít do the Thursday signs due to heavy sign enforcement and I only had one sign holder show up on Sunday Ė but I still got the results!

Mike Personius
Coppell, Texas

Hi Greg,

Just wanted to let you know, we had my clients' house on the market since
November 6th last year and we just sold it inside of a week with your round robin system-- after a full five months on the market.

I used your exact system that you shared with us and we got a ton of people to the open houses on Saturday and Sunday. As a result, this home is now sold firm for $1,300,000 and the closing is in less than three weeks!

My sellers got their price. They're happy. And so am I. Now I have to follow up with all the buyer leads we got :-)

Thank you!

Rosemary Anderson
Re/Max Real Estate Services
Vancouver, BC

I have worked with the top Real Estate coaches in America. Only with Greg Luther's system was I able to pick up 49 leads in one weekend and potentially 4 sales. Even my most successful open house or marketing system had never produced such high results. An immediate 4 sales is a HUGE cash injection into my business and I just started his program this week! Greg has a no nonsense approach to making money and is helpful every step of the way. His program is brilliant and it is now my main marketing method for making money in Real Estate! Thank You Greg!!!

Alexia Mihalitsianos
San Diego, CA


We had 48 buyers come through our first round robin and we actually sold the property for $10,000 MORE than the sellers asking price!  We have picked up several buyer appointments and will sell them additional properties as well!  We are excited to do the next one as we will get a large majority of these buyers back, as well as a whole new group of buyers and investors too!

Moe Matthews
Richmond, VA

Hey Greg,

I just wanted to give you an update on the Round Robin we did this weekend.  It was a once again a huge success.  I canít believe  how many buyers there are in the market while everyone else things there are none at all.  The truth is, they are all only looking at the good deals!  So anyway, we had another 76 buyers come through this one and I already have 9 buyer appointments scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.  Of the 4 I am meeting on Monday, 3 are already pre-approved with lenders and they are ready to write a deal.  I am showing our short sale on Scioto Trace to them and I believe they will buy it.  I will give you an update on all these this coming weekend.  Go ahead and schedule another home because Iím loviní this stuff!

Todd Sterling
Columbus, Ohio


Retail Price $597  Sale only $497

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